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Well met Warriors and Guardians of the Woods,

The End of Summer and coming for the Fall, Finds the WGW stronger that ever. Our membership swells as exposure from RvR and our New Alliance bring folks to the Doorstep of our Guildhall. As you know we welcome any person who wishes to join us. You may just want to wear our logo cuz you like Green and Gold....  or you may Strive to sit on the Council, and help to create an enjoyable gaming environment for all of us. We put no restrictions on how good you have to be, how much time you have to play. Further, WGW is an international group of people of all ages, sexes, religions, races, and backgrounds. Whoever you are, I welcome you as my Brethren, my Compatriots in Arm's.

It is because of this open policy of membership, and the Diverse group it creates,  that we must at all times take time to consider what we say and how we act while playing this Game. You are encouraged to speak in a respectful and polite manner within the limits of reason and good game play.  Because the limits of typed communication make it easy to Offend others, be willing to apologize after a misunderstanding.  WGW currently has young women and men as members who are under 18.  Many others have young children, or perhaps Parents who may be in the Room while they are Gaming. As such, all chat must be of a manner that is appropriate to this diverse group. You are asked to closely monitor your use of crude or offensive humor and profane or vulgar language.  Harassment or slurs of any type will not be tolerated.

I wanted to bring this attitude and policy into the open. There is now a link Here on our main page to all of our policies. Our Guild Charter, Our Chat Policy, and our Rank and Promotions System. We take it very seriously that it is our responsibility as a Guild to create a safe and enjoyable environment for our Members. There is no tolerance, and no return once you have crossed that line.

See you in the Woods,

Zezmo Wardog

Warrior and Guardian of the Woods



Hail my Brethren!!

June was a landmark month for the Warriors and Guardians of the Woods in Dark Age of Camelot. As of my last update we had left our alliance with PG, and were considering joining the TRU Alliance. What we in fact did was join the FWH..Fight With Honor Alliance. We already have many friends in that Alliance. While we were honored that TRU considered us, our Guild has always represented a Mix of RvR and PvE gaming. The FWH Alliance is filled with guilds that enjoy a similar balance to their gaming. So far we have been welcomed with open arms, we enjoy the much reduced Spam over the Alliance Chat Channel, and I for one have already joined three Raids with this new Alliance.


June has also brought big changes for DAOC, with the release of Foundations and Housing. WGW, who was the 12th Guild on our Server when the game was released; WGW, who was the 4th Guild to get their Emblem on MLF; Is now the 8th guild on our server who purchased property, and the 11th in all servers. Once again we have shown the true mettle of our players by what we can accomplish together.


To visit our new house... when you enter the housing zone go to Tomlinís Stable, take a horse to Erie, and jump off the horse right before you cross the bridge.

Zone: Meath

Neighborhood: Summerhill

Loc: 40K, 27K

Lot number: 3329

Lot cost: 45.5p!!!!


We have invested a lot into this, to enhance all of our gaming experience. As July progresses we will see the improvements to our House almost Daily.

So come on down, pour a Cold Glass of Thorn's Brew and kick your feet up. Just dun sneak into my Java XXX moonshine that I keep hidden under the bar. It's only for the stout of heart... oh and stripping varnish ;-)


See you in the Woods,


Zezmo Wardog

Warrior and Guardian of the Woods

Guild Master


Hail and Well-Met Brethren of WGW,
I was asked to put down a few words about the WGW, so as to put something a little more recent on our front page. Well I got to thinking about all the things that I could write about on that subject (the pages and pages). But what I have decided upon was more of a state of the WGW Address. Since the last time something new was put here was last February. What I am going to try and do is post a little something here each month.

For June the big news for our Guild is that we have left the PG Alliance so that we can join the TRU Alliance. Our Guild has a long tradition of being a PvP guild. This goes back eight years ago to our origins in the old Neverwinter Nights. Our very roots are that we were the ones who drove evil PKís from the Neverwinter Woods. In the Dark Age of Camelot it is no different. Our frontiers run rampant with foul Trolls and the Albinian menace.

Our Guild is Strong, and we have many players that are 50. Those who have been joining us for Thursdays Wardog night have been having a great time. Itís amazing how fast everyoneís skills have come together. I am sure that itís because we PvE together so much and so well, that we are able to translate that teamwork into solid RvR. I have been getting 5k to 10k in RPís every time we go out.


Itís this same blend of RvR and PvE that we bring to our new Alliance. We are seeking more opportunity to RvR. Especially now that DAOC, well into its second year, has matured as a game. RvR on Morgan La Fey has been very heavy last few weeks. This should prove to be a banner summer for RvR and WGW.


This coming month look for chances to group with members of our New Alliance. First Impressions mean a lot, so lets make a Good one. Our Guild RvR practice is a great chance to get out and show your WGW Colors. I look for all of you to join me every Thursday. The time is Officially 10:00pm to 11:59 pm EST. But as most of you know we tend to RvR all evening long. `Til ThenÖ.

See you in the Woods,

Zezmo Wardog
Warrior and Guardian of the Woods
Guild Master


Hello one and all ! Sorry for the long absence, but work has kept me away. The template and links for the message boards should be corrected now and stay that way every time Marty, or any of our other esteemed leaders updates the front-page. It's wonderful to see WGW thriving and growing again. Welcome to one and all of the newer faces from your lost stepbrother in arms.
posted by Diirketh Wolf

As of the date of this post, WGW now has 18 level 50 characters, with our newest being Zurlocke. We have 77 members playing 190 characters. In short, we have grown a lot in the last few months. With that growth will surely come some growing pains, but I know we can get through it. Thanks to everyone (old timers and newbies alike) who make WGW a great gaming family.
posted by Marty MacGraves

Well its been a long time since I last posted here and I thought it was time for an update. Roberto, Angelwolf and Grizzli have done a fabulous job leading a WGW renaissance, and several new members have become stalwart WGW members, like Azlaray, Sadwin, Door, Kalanor, Shajimas, Morrigana, Aochrac, Snufgar and others (sorry if I missed you!). Coming back into the WGW fold after an absence have been Samhinious, Warder, Finndithneen, Osys and even Noluk once in a while. Now if we could only get Ionus back here...

Anyway, I am having a great time and wanted to thank all responsible for our recent renewal.
posted by Marty MacGraves


Recently, a group of inactive WGW, obviously missing those fabulous green and gold emblems, have begun an effort to reinvigorate the WGW. When a bunch of the active WGW moved their primary characters to PG to gain the advantages of a larger guild, we all left characters in WGW and even toyed around with them a bit. I know I speak for a bunch of people when I say Huzzah! to Bombaldi/Roberto, Angelwolf, Corbeau/Grizzli and everyone else involved in the new effort to rebuild WGW. I am hoping to move Marty (35 Ranger) and Martin (14 Druid) out of mothballs and play with you guys. In the meantime, a big WGW welcome all new recruits!
posted by Marty MacGraves


On Tuesday, May 28, the majority of the active members of WGW moved their primary characters to the Phoenix Guard Guild. The WGW lives on, and we still have secondary characters in our old guild. However, joining the PG will allow us to continue to game together without the hassle of running an online guild, which no one seems to want to do at this time. Here is a link to PG's website:

We all still have characters in the WGW, of course, and we all remain friends and gaming partners. This is not a parting of the ways or and end to WGW. Hopefully, in the future, the WGW will be reborn and reinvigorated in another game. In the meantime, see you in Hibernia...
posted by Marty MacGraves


Well I have been vacationing in the Bog of Cullen ever since my retirement from the Council, and this is my first post in over two months. Since then, the makeup of the Council has changed. I thought it might be good to list everyone:

Guild Master: Zez/Zezmo
Assistant Guild Master: Marty/Martee/Emanon/Ferragus
Master of War: Grizzli/Moliere
Master of Personnel: Bathsheba/Felaris/Felaridh
Master of Treasury: Warder/Gronlite
Warrior Advisor: Mysterios
Warrior Advisor: Bombaldi/Roberto
Warrior Advisor: Azlaray
Warrior Advisor: Bronwolff

 updated by Snufgar 11:44 PM

We have a great group of people directing the guild right now, and I can't tell you how much I enjoy kibbitzing from the outside. Congratulations and THANKS to all who donate their time and personal stress to helping the rest of us enjoy the game.
posted by Marty MacGraves


Congratulations to Zez, our new Guild Master, elected by acclimation at Monday's Guild Meeting, with the unanimous recommendation of the Council of Warriors. Also, congratulations to Sinjin/Makawau/Nilnop/Makaw and Robby/Roberto/Bombaldi on their appointments to the Council of Warriors.

Also, congratulations to Wangba and Santo, our newest full members. WGW continues to grow stronger, largely due to the influx of outstanding new members such as those listed above and below.

Finally, on a personal note, I would like to that all past and present members of the WGW gaming guild for the privilege of serving you as Guild Master over the last year or so. It heightened my gaming experience immeasurably. As all of you know who have served in a similar position, there comes a time where you just need a break from administration and the stress of being responsible for the gaming enjoyment of others. In all likelihood, I will be playing DAOC even more than I have in the past few weeks. Zez has asked me to remain as webmaster and I hope to add some nice things to the outstanding website provided to us by our friend Wolf.
posted by Marty MacGraves


Congratulations to our newest full members, Ironoak and Hoffman/Corbeau. We are very pleased to have these fine players as part of our guild. All other current recruits are still under active consideration--we just need to get to know you a little better.
A word from your council

Zezmo :

Well Met Warriors and Guardians of the Woods!!

The New year finds the WGW not only stronger than we have ever been, but at this time we are the largest active player guild on the Morgan la Fey server. Though we may be the latest thing for many gamers, WGW in fact enjoys a long and proud tradition of online Gaming. Now in our ninth year of Gaming as a Guild, we offer a History of traditions, a Depth of character, and a Maturity of purpose that simply is not to be found in many newer Guilds.

When you get right down to it, a Guild is about people. This guild is about every member, and it is every person from the newest Squire to the oldest Wardog that makes the Warriors and Guardians of the Woods the success that it is today. If you are new to online gaming, you may not be familiar with how much work truly goes into making a player Guild like ours an enjoyable place for you to game. There are many members who constantly go out of thier way to help thier Brethren in the Guild. There are too many Great members to list here, but in particular, nine of us have been elected by the Guild membership to serve as your Council of Warriors. Your Councilors sacrifice a portion of thier Gaming time to help manage the Guild, so that we can all have a more enjoyable experience. Each Councilor takes an equal share in helping to run our Guild. From solving problems, and developing policy in the Council meeting that are held every other week. To running events like Wardog Night, and helping new members learn the ways of the Game and the Guild. The Council is here to serve the Guild for the benefit of all of us.

Your Current Council of Warriors is:

Zezmo, Guildmaster

Marty, Assistant Guild Master

Grizzli, Master of War

Mysterios, Mistress of Treasures

Ferrix, Master of Personel

Bombaldi, Warrior Advisor

Azlaray, Warrior Advisor

Bronwolff, Warrior Advisor

Kobane, Warrior Advisor

I have asked each of your councilors to post thier thoughts on the Warriors and Guardians of the Woods in the coming Year. Thier messages are posted here.

See you in the Woods,

WGW Zezmo

Warrior and Guardian of the Woods




 Marty :

My goals for the new year:

1.  Have Fun!  'nuff said.

2.  Continued success with Wardog Thursdays.  Clearly the signature event for WGW which will grow, change and improve with the addition of the Frontiers expansion.

3.  Establishment of ML/Artifact/Epic Nights.  I think the ML, Artifact and Epic quests can serve as a platform for a permanent ML night.  I have a lot of ideas rolling around in my head about this which I will try and propose.  Note that this can also be used to help post-40 players achieve level 50.

4.  Stabilization of Membership.  Recently, we have attracted (1) guild drifting players who join us for a while then leave and (2) players who join us and truly become part of the family.  We need to focus on attracting and retaining type (2) players.  We need to turn more type (1) players into type (2) players.  I think we can do this by continuing to take a "members first" attitude toward PvE and RvR, and to encourage more people to be active on our boards.  Our recently-revamped recruiting policy is a good first step in this direction.

5.  Recruitment of Good Leadership.  With the recent additions to the Council, we have again proven that WGW is an excellent incubater for good leadership which will rise to the Council when the need exists.  We need to continue that trend, and I have every belief we will do so.

Azlaray (aka Templar) :


I wanted to thank my Brothers and Sisters of WGW for your continued game play excellence, making my time in DAoC enjoyable.  A little background on me for the newer members.  I officially became a member of WGW about 6 years ago in a game called Asherons Call, and never looked for another guild again.

Times changed and we found ourself moving to DAoC, where it was much more guild friendly.  I was know as Templar (Ranger) in the early part of the game.  I then left for about 6 months and gave my account to Zez, who has done a fine job bring up Bar the Bard.  I came back and assumed the account of Azlaray.  (Note was not my intention to be a female toon, and I am a male in real life). I think our guild is stronger then it ever has been in the past, and have made many new friends who I look forward to gaming with in the future

Goals I would like to see for our Guild in the comming year.

1. To be the largest active guild on Morgan Le Fey, both in regards to RvR and PvE.

2. To continue the "Wardogs" success and bring it to the new frontiers expansion.  I want the other realms to say, "Run! WGW is out in force!"

3. To provide an enjoyable gaming expirence for all of our guildmates, regardless of class played, level, how you play and when you play.

4. More interaction on our website from our guildmembers.  The more you post here, the better the elected leaders and your guildmates get to know you. Plus if you ever find you have to leave the game, this is a great place to keep in touch.

With all that being said, I thank you once again not only as an elected Council Member, but for enhancing my own gaming expirence!

 Grizzli :

Even if our GM forgot who I was in the council ( I was not in his list of council members) here's my speach:

Reputation is a well known tool to success.  In the past year WGW as forged a stronged one by providing well trained warriors and guardians.  In all aspect this guild has become more then a game option.  A circle a friend or as some love to call it, a second family.  And it's throught this bound that I want to accomplish new goals for the year to come.

I am the Master of War.  The bringer of courage and driver of zerg.  You are the power, the destroyers.. the tool of success.  Together we form something known as the Wardogs.  A fearsome group of friends bounded together to pillage and massacre whoever stand in our way.

In the coming year, we will see a new tool to accomplish our bloodlust goal.  Frontier will bring a new breath into RvR.  I will make sure it become a tool of success for WGW.  We will explore and learn the new land.  It will be very important to become familiar with these as we became with Emain or our beloved enemy frontier.

I seek neither pride nor glory in RvR.  We should always seek pleasure and fun.  Banded together as we do in Wardogs HAS to remain a fun thing and I will make sure it remain that way.

I invite you to embark into a journey of great song and colorfull stories. 

"Let it be known that brave Warriors, good and true, have banded together to guard and cleanse Hibernia of the forces of evil. Henceforth they shall be known as the Warriors and Guardians of the Woods and shall serve their guild and cause with honor, loyalty and courage. "                                                                         - WGW Charter and Mission

Bronwolff :

This past year has been good to WGW. When i first joined this awsome band of warriors, gamers and friends it was a small guild with around 25 members. Since then we have grown stronger by bringing new friends into our cirkle and still managed to maintain that fellowship wich IS the spirit of WGW.

We have grown not only in members but in power and with power comes responsibility. The responsibility to "win" this game by having FUN. Be it fun in RvR, Leveling, Questing or something else... even Crafting - wich is not fun, but I still enjoy it for some odd reason.

That being said I have some goals for us besides just having fun.

1) Wardogs. Ever Bigger Ever Better and More Feared. With the obvious intention Mythic has for large armies clashing in the frontier we have an advantage over most other guilds. When the Brothers and Sisters of Wardogs enter the frontier we are seen.

2) MLs, Artifacts and Quests. I wish for us to persue these things with the same energy and dedication as Wardogs. If we could turn a force like the Wardogs on say Galla or a ML raid I am confident we would succed gloriously.

3) Members. To expand our groupe of friends with even more good players, good friends and fellow warriors.

4) Message board. To have all our members reading and posting on our board and thereby makeing communication easier.


There is nothing as like getting home after a long days hard work and kill a Troll


Bronwolff Battlerager

Warrior Advisor

Warriors and Guardians of the Woods

Mysterios :

Hail my fellow Guildies,

Thanks to all of you for the opportunity to represesnt the Guild on your Council.  I've come a long way in the game since the day's when I would glance over my boyfriend's (now Husband's) shoulder as he sat in front of the computer and say to myself, "Ohhhhhh, that poor (insert mobs name here)!  "Why does he like this game?!" lol..  As much as I enjoy this game now, I've come to the realization that my #1 source of enjoyment when I log on is the presence of my fellow guildies!  How many other Guilds can say the same? It warms my spirit to hear the light-hearted bantering and jesting that goes on between our members or the cries of war as we battle together to guard Hibernia.

The goals I would like us to strive for this next years should include:

1) To have fun!!!   

2) Continue to hone our RvR skills, making WGW stronger, faster, and more deadly!  Fear Us!!!

3) Take an active part in guild sponsored events....With the size of our guild and the rapidly leveling members, we are nearing a point where we can do almost any ML, epic task, or raid on our own if neccessary

4) As we grow stronger, many people are looking to us.  At all levels, many of you will be asked by others if they can join WGW.  I say to you, ask yourself if you would want this person to represent WGW before you give them the opportunity to be a part of this great Guild.  Let us only recruit and retain members who are worthy of the tag "WGW".  I wish continued success for WGW, which in essence means that we are made of only the best.  By "best" I don't mean that you have to be the best player, the best spec'd, the "knower of all things" (though I'm proud to say we have many people that are in those categories).  I mean toons who portray those qualities in character that are as important in game as they are in real life....fairness, good leadership, respect, patience and the desire to help each other. 

Cya in the woods

Kobane :

Hello all and welcome to the home of the Warriors and Guardians of the Woods on the web.  Since joining WGW over a year ago I've seen the guild grow in both numbers and respect.  I've played characters to 50 in all three realms and I've never had such an enjoyable gaming experience as I've had here with Zezmo and the gang.

In the coming year, I'd like to see the more of what I saw last, teamwork and continuing to bring new friends into the guild.

Take care and remember..what makes the grass of Emain Macha green?    ...TROLL BLOOD!!!

Welcome to the Warriors and Guardians of the Woods

Hail and well met Warriors and Guardians!!

Welcome to the Home of the Warriors and Guardians of the Woods. Whether you are making your first Trek into our Woods or you are an Old Friend returning from a long Journey. You will find a spot by the Fire in our Guild Hall.

The WGW are an Online Gaming Guild. First formed in 1995 in SSIís original Massively Multiplayer online Dungeonís and Dragonís game that was called Neverwinter Nights. The Warriors and Guardians cut their teeth defending the Neverwinter Woods from such infamous Clans as the Mech, the Warriors of Hades and the Ark. Since those early days we have participated in many popular online games. We have made our home in such games as Ultima Online, Asheronís Call, and more recently City of Heroís. You can read more about the adventures that our Ten Year journey has brought us by following the history link.

Today the WGW is active in two popular online games. You can find Warriors and Guardians defending the Woods in Mythicís epic game of Castle siege and conquest, the Dark Age of Camelot, and in Blizzardís new adventure game that is tied into their own epic universe, the World of Warcraft. Our Governing Council has representatives in both Games, in fact many play both. This combined with our weekly council meetings assures that the voices of all of our members are heard. We work hard to provide an enjoyable and family friendly environment for our members. Please follow the links to our policies and to our Guild Charter if you wish to learn more about how the WGW is organized and governed.

 The Dark Age of Camelot has provided a good Home for my Brothers and Sisters in Arms for more than three years. From Beta, right into the first days the game was open. The WGW have played a prominent role in shaping the History of our Home, the Morgan La Fey server. From being the third Guild to get their ďcolorsĒ all the way to today where WGW remains one of the Strongest Guilds in Hibernia.

The Warriors and Guardians of the Woods bring an even mix of RvR and PvE style adventuring. This is tempered with our strong sense of Community.

 ďLet it be known that brave Warriors, good and true, have banded together to guard and cleanse the Woods of the forces of evil. Henceforth they shall be known as the Warriors and Guardians of the Woods and shall serve their guild and cause with honor, loyalty and courage.Ē

There in the opening lines of our Guild Charter you find what being a WGW is. It is this sense of Honor, Loyalty, and Courage that we now bring to the World of Warcraft. Never in the History of Online gaming has a game seen such massive appeal. WoW has attracted players from the most veteran gamer, to folks who are playing their first online game. But it is because of this wide appeal that WoW is a game that is still trying to find its sense of Community. The WGW have made our new Home on the Illidan Server and are fighting for the Alliance. It is here that we hope to once again play our role in shaping this new Community.

Are you ready to join the Warriors and Guardians of the Woods in our Fight? Wherever you hail from, whether itís the Rich forests of Hibernia or the besieged Cities of the Alliance. I invite you to follow the Link to our message boards. There is a place where Honor, Fair play, and Respect have a home, and that is the Guild Hall of the Warriors and Guardians of the Woods.


See You in the Woods,


Zezmo Wardog

Warrior and Guardian of the Woods

Guild Master