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WGW Rank System

Per adoption by the WGW Council of Warriors, the following is the WGW Rank System.

First, ranks are not given, they are applied for. Each member is charged with the responsibility of tracking his or her own progress and deciding when they are ready to try for the next rank. That member is then required to post on boards when ready, or contact the Guild Master, the Assistant Guild Master, or the Master of Personnel in-game. Rank is earned on an individual character basis. There is no donation required to access new rank.

These are the Ranks:

Rank 9: Squire

Anyone may recruit and train a Squire.  The actual guild invitation must come from a member of the Council of Warriors (Rank 1 and above).  A reference from a Warrior of known quality is preferred before accepting a Squire. This rank is given to new guild members during their initial evaluation period. In order for a Squire to be eligible for a promotion to the next Guild Rank and full membership, they must post information about themselves and their interest in WGW.  This is an evaluation period for the recruit.  The process will not begin until the recruit has posted on the WGW public boards. Once evaluation period is up (typically one week to two weeks), the recruit will be evaluated by the council and the active senior WGW members, to decide whether the Squire has shown them self worthy for the next guild rank.  When Squires believe that are ready to be considered for full membership, they are encouraged to post a request for promotion on our bulletin boards.  All Squires are entitled to full access to the in-game guild chat system. Alliance chat will not be visible at this rank. Squires may wear the Guild Emblem.

Rank 8: Guardian

In order to become a Guardian, the character must be voted as a full WGW Member (see above). This is the first rank given to full guild members. Members of this rank are expected to show their commitment to the ideals of WGW for further promotion. Also before a Guardian can be promoted, they must post on the Private Board section of our website. This post should pertain to goals and perhaps an overall perspective of WGW thus far in their experience. All full members may automatically recruit alternate characters to the guild at this Rank. This rank has full access to the Private WGW bulletin board, the WGW Guild House guild vault #3, and may view (but not use) alliance chat.

Rank 7: Warrior

To become a Warrior, a character must attain at least Level 30, or 500 in a single craft skill (requires herald verification) and show themselves to have learned the ways of the Game and the Guild as determined by the WGW Council of Warriors. Warriors have all privileges stated above, and will have full access to the alliance chat.

Rank 6: Warrior Veteran

WGW Warrior Veteran must attain at least Level 40. It is expected that most members of the Guild will become Warriors Veterans of WGW. In order to become a Warrior Veteran, a character must first earn the title of Guardian. Warriors Veterans have all privileges stated above, and can speak over the /as channel.

Rank 5: Master Guardian

WGW Master Guardians must attain at least Level 50 and Realm Rank 2, level 0, or a Crafting Skill of 1000 or more in a single skill. The Master Guardian has all the privileges stated above. They also have access to Guild Vault #2. In addition a Master Guardian has certain other in game and Guild house privileges as determined by the Council of Warriors.

Rank 4:  Warrior Commander

This rank is set aside for those few Members who have reached Level 50 on at least one alt but have not met the needed specs for high promotion. This is a special rank, voted on by the Council, for members who they feel are invaluable assets to WGW.  This Rank is a chance for the Council to recognize the WGW members who display the true colors of WGW. This rank is not applied for, it is only given. Being of this rank is a Great Honor and those who wear this rank should be recognized by all for their contribution to the Guild. They may recruit new Squires also claim Keeps, have Certain Guild house privileges, and will have full access to the Officer Chat channel.

Rank 3:  Master Warrior

The title of Warrior Master is the top non-administrative rank in WGW, and its highest honor. A Master Warrior must attain Level 50 and realm rank 3, level 0. In addition they must complete their Epic Armor Quest or Finish Master level 1. Promotion to this rank is not automatic upon completing all requirements, and will be awarded to Loyal Warriors at the Council's discretion. A Master Warrior has all privileges described above, and may claim keeps or towers and adjust keep or tower level, certain Guild house privileges, and will have full access to the Officer chat channel.

Rank 2: Warrior Elder

This is a special administrative rank for certain senior Guild members as determined by the GM, such as former Guild Masters and veteran WGW members. It is a title which is held in addition to the ranks specified above. The Warrior Elder has all privileges described above.

Rank 1: Council Warrior

A special administrative rank reserved for members of the WGW Council. Characters are to be promoted to this rank as needed by GM or AGM. It is a title which is held in addition to the ranks specified above. The Council Warrior has all privileges described above, and may invite, promote and demote characters.

Rank 0: Wardog

This is a special administrative rank for the duly elected Guild Master and Assistant Guild Master. It is a title which is held in addition to the ranks specified above. The Wardog has access to all guild functions within the game. This Rank will be assigned to Elected Council members in good standing as required to help administer the Guild.

Also:  Please note that you are entitled to have ALL of your alts at your highest ranked character's rank, up to Rank 2.